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EducationInvestor EdTech Fast 20 feature

Top educational technological companies in Europe - sAInaptic is one of them!

The Impact of GCSEs on Your Future: Exploring Career Options

GCSEs play a vital role in shaping your future career options. These qualifications not only open doors to further education but also demonstrate your capabilities to employers. Carefully selecting the right subjects and achieving good grades can pave the way for academic progression and career success. Whether you choose a vocational pathway or pursue higher education, make sure to leverage the skills and knowledge gained through your GCSE studies as you navigate the exciting world of career options.

sAInaptic - AI marking that goes beyond keyword search and grouping of similar responses

Unlike some other existing AI tools, our AI is not merely looking for 'keywords' in student answers nor does it 'group' similar student answers together; it is trained to deeply understand and evaluate the content described in the students answer, based on mark schemes associated with the questions. In this blog post, we'll explore how sAInaptic's AI algorithm works and the remarkable benefits it offers to both educators and students.

Benefits of AI-assisted short answer marking in Science

Speed, consistency, fairness, immediate feedback, and reduction in educator workload are just some of the advantages AI marking offers. As the adoption of AI continues to grow, the educational landscape is set to change dramatically, with science education becoming more accessible, effective, and engaging for students and educators alike.