Ace the GCSE exams through AI-driven learning!

  • Instant feedback on EVERY answer
  • High-quality exam-style questions aligned to exam boards
  • A wide variety of questions addressing all exam techniques from multiple choice to open-ended

Join the sAInaptic revolution by using the first ever platform that automarks open-ended questions!

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How sAInaptic works...

Predictive scores and qualitative, teacher-like feedback are provided instantly for EVERY answered question!

Unique, intelligent algorithms create an innovative, interactive learning experience to practice exam-style questions.

The use of AI enables personalised revision, tailored to each student's individual ability.

Revising with 100% interactive, exam-style questions and instant feedback is scientifically proven to be the biggest differentiator for successful results!

The ONLY fully automated GCSE revision tool


sAInaptic is the ONLY online revision platform that equips students with the tools to interactively practice open-ended exam style questions.

sAInaptic also gives instant marks and personalised feedback to revise more effectively for the GCSE Science exams.



sAInaptic equips teachers with data and insights for their entire class, which is instrumental in addressing gaps in knowledge and for planning interventions.

Our tool saves teachers' time by auto-marking free-text answers to exam-style questions, allowing them to spend more time with their students.



sAInaptic can be fully customised to help you automate and digitise your learning material & assessments.

Get in touch with us to arrange a demo and discover sAInaptic's revolutionary automarking tool to empower your users with instant, interactive and personalised revision and automated tests.


Subjects and qualifications

Thousands of novel exam-style questions, personalised to each students' ability for an effective GCSE exam revision!

We've got you covered!

The topics are aligned across three large exam boards

What our early adopters say...


"I like the way the computer sends you the feedback. In addition, I love how the computer sends you feedback on the answer you put. Despite still getting the answer right, the AI gives you feedback on how to improve your answer. That for me is one of the most important teachings you get. It helped me to answer my other questions confidently."


"Very easy to use. I liked that command words were highlighted, and that the number of marks available was shown. The AI marking was almost spot on. The idea of highlighting where the answer met key concepts and criteria will be very useful to students, where concepts were missed, highlighting these is a good way for students to improve their understanding and content knowledge"


"The instant feedback is very helpful and effective. The exam questions are really useful and great practice!"

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