sAInaptic uses [AI] to deliver an Interactive, Instant, and Personalised learning experience


sAInaptic's automarking tool is built using text analysis and natural language processing methods. Our automarker is intelligent - not just a simple word search! It  identifies correct concepts in student responses to provide instant and personalised feedback.


sAInaptic is a play on the word synapse. A synapse is the junction between nerve cells that helps in transfer of information from one neuron to the next. The strength of the synaptic network in our brain dictates the consolidation of information from our short-term to long-term memory.

Our story

sAInaptic was created in 2020 by two female founders, Dr. Rajeshwari Iyer and Kavitha Ravindran, who recognised a huge gap in the support available for students revising for their GCSE Science exams.

They recognised some of the key challenges faced by teachers and students.

Their goal is to enable students to succeed irrespective of their ability and to empower teachers irrespective of their experience - democratising learning and helping to bridge the social divide that exists in education. Armed with both expertise and passion in the field of education, they decided to address these challenges head-on and use the latest technology in AI to empower teachers and students as well as publishing and exam bodies with an intelligent automarking tool, data, and insights. The instant feedback enables students to be more independent learners and significantly reduces the teahcers' marking workload. Rajeshwari and Kavitha are now on a mission to automark every single question in existence and provide instant feedback for every response!

sAInaptic's Mission is to transform learning and empower every single student and every single teacher around the globe with an intelligent automarking tool providing instant, interactive, and personalised feedback to open-ended questions

sAInaptic's founding team

[Rajeshwari Iyer]

Co-Founder & CEO
Cambridge MPhil, Imperial PhD

Rajeshwari is an experienced research and data scientist with a PhD in computational neuroscience from Imperial College London and an MPhil in computational biology from the University of Cambridge.

She has over 12 years of experience in computational modelling and data science, complimented with a background in software development. Rajeshwari brings in strategy and thought leadership from her experience in both academia and the NHS.

[Kavitha Ravindran]

Co-founder & Chief Content Officer
Cambridge PGCE

Kavitha has a PGCE in secondary science from the University of Cambridge. She has over 12 years of experience as a secondary science teacher and GCSE examiner. She brings in a wealth of subject matter expertise to the table.

Having been in leadership positions in secondary schools, Kavitha directs the development of sAInaptic’s content in line with the various curricula and leads the pedagogical aspects of the platform.

[Bram Vandekerckhove]

Chief Data Scientist
University of Antwerp PhD

Bram is an experienced data scientist with
extensive research and industry expertise in machine learning and AI,
language technology, statistical programming and cloud computing.

After obtaining his PhD in Computational Linguistics at the University of
Antwerp in 2013, Bram worked in cognitive science research for several years,
with post-docs at the University of Oxford and Tufts University, before moving to the private sector as a data scientist.

By joining sAInaptic, he has returned to his first love of natural language processing to revolutionise the use of computational linguistics in EdTech and help millions of students across the globe realise their true potential.