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Get the best of two worlds - independent, interactive revision on the sAInaptic app along with access to exam-focussed masterclasses led by subject experts with sAInaptic Mastery

  • Learn independently, in the moment with instant feedback
  • Amplify what you learn with fully interactive masterclasses with the Mastery plan
  • Save money otherwise spent on tutors

sAInaptic’s super innovative automarking tool has been developed by a team of expert data scientists, examiners, teachers and students

How sAInaptic works for students

sAInaptic has been designed to be accessible, affordable and have a user-first approach so that ALL students can benefit!

Exam-style questions

High-quality exam-style questions released every week, including questions on Required Practicals, written by expert science teachers and examiners

Instant feedback

AI-driven feedback in the form of a predictive score and aspects of your answer that were correct as well as what you could you have included

Progress tracking

Track your progress to identify knowledge gaps and effectively plan your exam revision with improved confidence

Highlighted command words

Command words in questions are highlighted and explained to give students a hint as to what the question expects.

Oracy for science

sAInaptic gives you the opportunity to explicitly construct a scientific response thus developing and improving your scientific literacy and writing skills

Coming soon!

AR-VR resources and 1:1 tutor support for that extra help before exams


[Available on any device]

sAInaptic is a browser based application. This means it can be accessed on any device that has a browser in it.
There is no need to install our app or download any other software.

[Simple interface]

sAInaptic's user interface is easy and straight forward to use.

Concepts within the student answer that marks are awarded for are highlighted to show you exactly what you got right.
Feedback cards further gives you a feel for what 'good' looks like.

[Monitor progress]

sAInaptic's simple dashboard gives an
immediate overview of progress so far in individual subjects with simple statistics of overall scores and number of questions answered.

More detailed views are available to identify
particularly difficult questions and concepts to effectively plan revision.