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sAInaptic’s super innovative automarking tool has been developed by a team of expert data scientists, examiners, teachers and students

How sAInaptic works for students

Why you should choose sAInaptic

sAInaptic has been designed to be accessible, affordable and have a user-first approach so that ALL students can benefit!

sAInaptic is a browser based application. This means it can be accessed on any device that has a browser in it.
There is no need to install our app or download any other software.

sAInaptic provides a clutter-free environment for focussed revision.

Choose the subject and topic you want to revise and get going!
Use the sidebar to navigate to your Profile page to change your
personal details, Dashboard to view your progress and Masterclasses to revisit some of the expert-led lessons, if you are a Prime user.

sAInaptic's simple dashboard gives an immediate overview of progress so far in individual subjects
with simple statistics of overall scores and number of questions answered.

More detailed views are available to identify
particularly difficult questions and concepts to
effectively plan revision.

sAInaptic gives you the opportunity to explicitly construct a
scientific response thus
developing and improving your scientific literacy and writing skills.

Moreover the act of recalling information and applying that knowledge in response to a question is proven to improve
long-term memory and retention.

Expert-led masterclasses

Our masterclasses focus mainly on helping students gain key exam techniques and skills needed to apply their scientific knowledge to exam-style questions. This ensures that students have a better understanding of the command words and vocabulary needed to gain maximum marks, but also guides them more effectively towards the topics they need revisiting.


Biology Paper 2
Hormones in human reproduction

Thursday, April 21: 5:30pm - 6:30pm

This session addresses key concepts involved in regulation of menstrual cycle in humans and use of hormones in fertility. Students will have the opportunity to apply these concepts to exam-style questions.

Physics Paper 1
Particle model

Tuesday, April 26: 5:30pm - 6:30pm

This session addresses key concepts in the topic, Particle Model of Matter. The focus will be on states of matter, density, internal energy and energy transfers. Students will have the opportunity to apply these key concepts to exam-style questions and calculations.

Biology Paper 2
Plant hormones

Thursday, April 28: 5:30pm - 6:30pm

This session addresses key concepts involved in plant hormones, their effects and commercial use. Students will have the opportunity to apply these concepts to exam questions