Enhance Endpoint Assessment marking in apprenticeships with sAInaptic

With sAInaptic, simplify your exam marking process while making a significant impact on the next generation of apprentices!

What can sAInaptic do for me?

Offer a smarter, more streamlined marking process tailored to each apprentice's needs with sAInaptic.

Our AI-powered e-learning assessment tool is designed to make the apprenticeship endpoint assessment journey smooth and effective by providing automated marking and personalised learning strategies that can be customised to each EPA's requirements.


How does sAInaptic work in apprenticeship assessments?

Our AI-assisted marking tool provides:

Objective Assessment
Automatically mark assessments using industry standards so that apprentices always understand their progress.
Instant Feedback
Provide immediate, easy-to-understand explanations to help your apprentices grasp tricky concepts and correct mistakes quickly.
Fast Turnaround
Return EPAs with short answer questions in a matter of minutes, rather than days and weeks.
Ai Assisted Marking from sAInaptic

What features does sAInaptic offer?

Automated Marking

Instantly mark assessments with high accuracy. Provide objective scoring based on certification standards.

Feedback Generation

Offer personalised, constructive feedback for each answer. Highlight strengths and areas needing improvement.

Performance Analytics

Track candidates' progress and pinpoint common challenges. Generate detailed reports with analytics.

Existing LMS Integration

sAInaptic's algorithms can be used via API calls, which means you can continue to use the learning management systems you and your trainers are already comfortable with.

Bias Reduction Algorithms

Identify and minimise potential biases in grading to enhance fairness, objectivity and transparency in evaluations

Adaptive Learning Pathways

Recommend topics to your trainees that they are struggling with or need to revisit, based on their performance and adjust exam content to match individual candidates' learning needs.

What are the advantages of sAInaptic?

Efficiency & Time-Saving:
Reduce marking time significantly with automated marking. Allow examiners to focus on providing quick and meaningful feedback.

Consistency & Objectivity:
Maintain consistent marking and evaluation standards across all examiners. Remove subjectivity and potential biases from assessments.

Easily scale to accommodate growing numbers of trainee candidates! Handle high volumes of assessments seamlessly.

Continuous Improvement:
Provide examiners with insights to refine their assessment strategies. Enable data-driven adjustments to improve the certification process.

What benefits does sAInaptic offer?

For examiners

Less Stress:
Spend less time grading and more time helping candidates succeed!

More Insight:
Gain a deeper understanding of candidates' strengths and challenges.

Work closely with colleagues to ensure fair and effective assessments.

For apprentices

Fair Assessment:
Receive consistent and unbiased evaluations.

Better Feedback:
Understand areas needing improvement with detailed feedback.

Confidence Boost:
Build confidence with personalised learning paths and exam simulations.

Interested in self-service?

We are launching a self-service version of our product later this year, to learn more and register your interest for early access, please click below

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