Register Your Interest for sAInaptic's Self-Service SaaS Product Launching Soon

Avoid setup and onboarding costs with our soon-to-be-released self-service product available on a freemium basis with a simple DIY setup

sAInaptic's self-service product will give you an all-in-one AI engine to automate your marking, feedback, measurement and personalisation processes for educators across any sector.

This can be integrated across any learning management system or your own proprietary EdTech platform

Select from a host of tasks you want the AI to do such as marking student work, giving personalised feedback and personalising the student learning journey based on automated marking of extended responses as opposed to multiple choice questions.

Efficiency & Time-Saving: No need to setup data science teams with expensive data scientists and promp engineers

Simple and Easy To Use: No coding experience required, no setup costs and no need for extensive data sharing to train the ai in your industry

Scalability: Easily scale to accommodate growing numbers of trainee candidates! Handle high volumes of assessments seamlessly.

Continuous Improvement: Provide examiners with insights to refine their assessment strategies. Enable data-driven adjustments to improve the certification process.

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