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  • Reduce marking workload with AI assisted marking of questions requiring free-text answers
  • Engage your students with hundreds of interactive exam-style questions, aligned with national curricula
  • Stay on top of your students' progress with instant insights on their performance
  • Provide timely interventions by identifying misconceptions early on

How sAInaptic works for teachers

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Hundreds of novel exam-style questions, covering a range of exam techniques for effective UK GCSE & IGCSE exams






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Assign personalised tasks for homework or in-class learning.

Choose from a growing bank of questions, filter for Combined vs Separate and Higher vs Foundation.

Reduce your marking workload. No more marking descriptive answers! You can be assured of tasks completed automatically marked, with 93% accuracy.

Moreover, your students will receive instant feedback that will be available for your review in the teacher dashboard.

See how your students are getting on with instant performance insights available at both whole class and individual student levels.

Monitor progress for an individual task or across all tasks assigned for a call or student.

Identify misconceptions and gaps in knowledge using the detailed view of the dashboard, at the task as well as individual question level.

QLA was never this easy!

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Teachers love us

"This service is building an AI tool designed to mark short answer exam questions. Where has this been all my teaching life!? Not only does it reduce teacher workload, it is also a far better tool for building student attainment, as well as resilience. I can't wait to see what they do next!"

Matthew Gundry

Head of Chemistry,
Grey Court School

“The students in our school have made good use of all the resources Sainaptic has to offer. I  like the instant feedback concept but also enjoyed the extra information in the orange boxes which tells students about silly mistakes that are commonly made. This resourse has been important for our year 11 students in preparation for their exams.”

Marion Ferra

Head of Science,

“Really useful to master exam techniques, especially on wordy questions, which are exactly the ones students found more challenging.”

Roberta Donato

Physics teacher,
Onlsow St Audrey’s School

Want to improve your own subject knowledge?

Science education plays a crucial role in equipping students with the knowledge and skills necessary for their future success. As such, it is essential for science teachers to possess a deep understanding of the subject matter they teach.

GCSE Science is a challenging subject that requires teachers to have a deep understanding of the various concepts and theories involved. By practicing regularly on sAInaptic, teachers can improve their subject knowledge and become more confident in their ability to teach GCSE Science.

Read more about this topic in our blog post here.