"It is an incredibly clever tool in providing instant effective feedback."
- Marion Ferra, Head of Science

Which is the one feature on sAInaptic’s web-app that really stands out for you?

It has to be the instant feedback! The green card with the instant information is a great feel-good factor and encourages students to keep going with their revision! It is an incredibly clever tool in providing instant effective feedback. I also like the clear way of presenting the feedback. Amazing resource!

How did students and staff at DOYRMS use sAInaptic?

sAInaptic was mainly used by our Year 11 students for their independent revision as part of their preparation for GSCE science examinaitons. Being a boarding school, our students have set study times every evening. sAInaptic was used by students mainly during this time. The instant feedback is brilliant and extremely informative. It enables students to reflect on their answers and learn from their mistakes immediately, which makes their revision more effective. 

We feel more able students used it better, simply because they had the cognitive skill to reflect and learn from the feedback. The less able students need to be trained to reflect and learn from the feedback, which hopefully, we will be able to do this in future. My own daughter used sAInaptic for her GCSE Biology exam revision and she loved it! 

Is there any particular example of student engagement that you noticed?

Yes! We just discussed how the more able students engaged better with the app! But there was this one instance which really made me proud and happy. It was when a student, who normally would not engage with any form of revision or studies, was hooked on to sAInaptic’s revision tool for a duration, that surprised me, she just kept going! I think it was the instant feedback that gives an instant gratification for young people using the app.

We are very grateful that you took part in our pilot programme and used sAInaptic’s automarking tool at such an early stage. What are the key features you would like to see in the school product?

I would like to be able to specifically choose questions for my students and assign these as their weekly prep. I would also like to know how long students spend on a task that has been set. Lastly, the key improvement needs to be an improvement on the loading time.