EducationInvestor EdTech Fast 20 feature

We were super excited to see sAInaptic featured and ranked in 6th position, in the recent featured article published in the prestigious EducationInvestor website.

Sadly, the article is behind a paywall, but those with a subscription, can read it here:

But, here are some excerpts:

'With the help of a panel of experts with extensive experience in investing in early-stage ecompanies, EducationInvestor has highlighted the 20 fastest-growing and most promising start-ups in the ed tech space across the UK and continental Europe. To rank them, we looked at their innovative products, their passionate mission, their growth trajectory and expansion plans, and their achievements...'

'...With the development of AI technologies, a new disruptive category of companies has emerged – businesses capable of leveraging the incredible potential of machine learning and generative AI to transform education, revolutionise teaching and learning practices, and accelerate students’ progress. One such example is sAInaptic, which provides an automarking tool that identifies correct concepts in student responses and gives instant and personalised feedback to open-ended questions...'

To be named one amongst some of the biggest names in speaks volumes of our mission, vision and most of all, execution by our team!

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