AI in education

Preparing students for a tech-driven future

Read about seven key strategies to integrate technology into education, fostering digital literacy, problem-solving, and ethical tech use among students.

Ethical AI in Schools: Overcoming Challenges and Embracing Best Practices

For teachers to read about the ethical use of AI in schools, how they can overcome challenges and embrace best practices in the classroom.

Transforming Education: AI-Enhanced Pedagogical Innovations

For teachers to read about the transformative power of AI on pedagogical innovations within education

It's time to move beyond multiple choice questions for personalisation of learning journeys

Our blog delves into the evolving landscape of digital learning and assessments, with a focus on the power of personalised education. We explore how AI-assisted marking of descriptive student work offers deeper insights, fosters critical thinking, and tailors learning journeys to maximise each student's potential.

sAInaptic - AI marking that goes beyond keyword search and grouping of similar responses

In this blog post, we'll explore how sAInaptic's AI algorithm works and the remarkable benefits it offers to both educators and students.

Benefits of AI-assisted short answer marking in Science

Speed, consistency, fairness, immediate feedback, and reduction in educator workload are just some of the advantages AI marking offers. As the adoption of AI continues to grow, the educational landscape is set to change dramatically, with science education becoming more accessible, effective, and engaging for students and educators alike.