Introducing sAInaptic Free and Prime - GCSE Science exam questions

Whether you heard about us from a friend or your teacher/colleague, or simply Googled us, we are so glad you are here!

Revision guides and workbooks are SO 90s, right?

sAInaptic is the 21st century way of learning, the gen Z way of getting ahead!

If you take the effort to practice on exam questions, you deserve instant and personalised feedback. Feedback on what you scored including, which parts of your answer got you those mark.

sAInaptic Free

sAInaptic app is available for free to all students learning for their Science GCSEs.

We offer ~250 exam-style questions across Biology, Physics and Chemistry, aligned to 4 exam boards - AQA, Edexcel , IGCSE offered by CAIE and Edexcel-IGCSE

That's way more than what you get in guide books, paying £8 - £12 per book!

Always stay ahead with regular practice and instant feedback!

sAInaptic Free is great for independent revision anytime, anywhere!

sAInaptic Prime

Why should you pay and upgrade to Prime?

To amplify your learning!

sAInaptic Prime offers ~2000 exam-style questions across Biology, Physics and Chemistry aligned to 4 exam boards - AQA, Edexcel , IGCSE offered by CAIE and Edexcel-IGCSE

New questions are released every week.

Including questions from Required Practicals!

And the most exciting thing about Prime are the expert-led revision sessions - masterclasses - as we like to call them!

Three masterclasses are held every month - these are focussed on exam questions, where your teacher will start with the revision of a topic, moving onto exam-style questions where students have the opportunity to answer the questions during the session and get instant feedback - just like a walking-talking mock! 

It's a 100% interactive so come ready with your doubts.

What are you waiting for?

Get started for free at

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